Removing President Chakwera from power is not an easy job – Uladi Mussa warns opposition

By Cedric Nkungula

Former Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Uladi Mussa says removing the incumbent President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera from power is not an easy job.

Speaking in an Exclusive Interview on Zodiak TV on Tuesday, Mussa who is popularly known as ‘Chengi Golo’ in political circles emphasized that today’s politics requires people ‘with lots of energy.’

Mussa, currently Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member, explained that as a central region political big wig, he will work around the clock to get more votes for President Chakwera in the forthcoming general elections.

Chakwera and Uladi

Mussa has since ruled out the possibility of erstwhile ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) from returning to the corridors of power.

“Unseating a ruling president from power is not easy,” said Mussa. “I know my President Dr Lazarus McCarthy is very energetic, he has a very vibrant team and I have also joined the boat so that we all help him (Chakwera) to get another five-year term.”

Mussa said he has a long list of people that are eagerly waiting to join the ruling MCP soon.

“Now that I have joined MCP, even DPP is very much aware that it will have problems penetrating the central region. The problem with DPP is that they think they are still ruling the country,” he emphasized.

“President Chakwera is winning the forthcoming general elections.”

Mussa who was jailed in 2020 for corruption related charges dumped DPP and joined the ruling MCP early this year, months after President Chakwera pardoned him as an act of mercy as part of Easter celebrations last year.


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