MCP strongly condemns DPP’s firing of members

By Twink Jones Gadama

The main partner for the ruling Tonse Alliance Government,Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has expressed deep concern over the recent mass expulsions at the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP),saying these actions as contrary to the democratic principles.

The MCP highlights the importance of member consultation, participation, and tolerance in decision-making processes, emphasizing that these actions infringed upon the political rights and freedoms guaranteed by Malawi’s constitution.

The party has further condemned the undemocratic measures taken by the opposition party and highlighted the need for political parties to remain open to dissenting opinions and ideas, providing channels for constructive criticism, feedback, and reconciliation.

According to MCP, the DPP’s summary dismissals, lacking transparency and due process, have set a dangerous precedent that threatens not only the democratic fabric of society but also the founding principles of the DPP itself.

However,the MCP, a longstanding advocate for democratic values,has called upon the DPP and its leadership to uphold the principles of democracy that their party name represents.

It has also urged the DPP to reconsider their actions and join other parties in Malawi in adopting a more inclusive and transparent spirit that aligns with the desires of Malawians for an inclusive, democratic, and developmental state.

The party concludes with a strong condemnation of the DPP’s undemocratic actions and reiterated the MCP’s commitment to upholding democratic values as stipulated in the nation’s constitution and the party’s own constitution.

It also emphasizes its alignment with President Lazarus Chakwera’s tireless efforts to serve all Malawians, fostering unity and prosperity irrespective of political affiliations and differences.

While the DPP has not responded formally to the MCP’s statement, political analysts anticipate that the opposition party may face increased public scrutiny over its dismissive actions and potential erosion of democratic norms.

Observers will now be closely monitoring how the DPP addresses this matter and whether they take steps to restore confidence in their commitment to democratic values.

As Malawi prepares for the upcoming general elections, it remains to be seen how political parties will navigate these recent events and strive to earn the trust and support of the electorate through a genuine commitment to democracy, inclusivity, and transparency.


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