DPP decorates Blantyre with Blue parade

By Vincent Gunde

In what many people thought that the expulsion from the DPP of its senior members would weaken the party with divisions thereby reducing chances of the DPP winning the 2025 elections, the opposite has become true in the City of Blantyre.

On Thursday, the DPP organized the Blue Parade which took it to all the townships in Blantyre, its fleet of vehicles were greeted with loud cheers by supporters who were waving their hands in “Ayimanso Slogan” meaning that Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika will stand for 2025 presidential elections.

Victor Musowa

Speaking to the media, leader of the Blue Parade, Hon. Victor Musowa, said the coming together of all DPP members to fight one common enemy which has brought in untold sufferings and pain in Malawi, has started and this will go to all towns and districts in Malawi.

Musowa has assured all DPP members and Malawians that DPP is not a small party, it is a national party enjoying grassroot support warning all those that are underrating the DPP that it will not form the next government that they are underrating themselves.

He encouraged the youth who are 16 years and above to patronize National Registration Bureau (NRB) offices for Identity Cards (IDs) so that together with all other patriotic Malawians will see to it that never again with the MCP to bounce back into government in 2025.

The DPP Parade leader has assured the MCP that even if Lilongwe which is regarded as a bedroom of the MCP taking into account that President Chakwera is coming from the district registers 2 million voters, over one million is for DPP votes.

“DPP is coming with more fire, we will take over government in 2025 which was snatched away from our hands,” said Musowa.

He said the Blue Parade will on 10th March, 2024 invade Capital City-Lilongwe advising those that are beating and harassing DPP members to wait for 2025 not now, assuring them that DPP is more prepared than before.

Musowa said DPP members will not go anywhere, they will die for their party flag advising all DPP members not to follow Musowa but ideologies of the party and its leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika pleading with all those that were disappointed, to come back and rejoin the party saying the door is wide open.


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