Kalindo welcomes Mtambo move but wants him apologize for dumping Malawians

By Vincent Gunde

Activist Bon Elias Kalindo, has asked former cabinet Minister in the MCP led Tonse Alliance government Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo to apologize for dumping Malawians under the influence of MCPs Ministerial position.

Kalindo has claimed that an activist will remain an activist saying Timothy Mtambo could have gone with his activism in government to stand with Malawians on their pain and sufferings to be holding government accountable for bringing in untold sufferings but chose to remain quiet.

Mtambo has vowed to continue fighting for Malawians

He said it is very surprising that many Malawians thought that Mtambo has gone to set his mega farm by his quietness after being dropped from cabinet, has come to the open siding with Malawians that things are not good in Malawi.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo has reminded Mtambo that in 2014 while serving as opposition DPP in Parliament, he stood on the side of Malawians by holding demonstrations against his own government of the DPP.

Kalindo said the road to 2025 elections is so bumpy and demand courageous activists like Mtambo to stand for nothing but justice claiming that he sees no free and fair elections alleging that the MCP started rigging processes a long time ago installing new transmitters conniving with mobile phone companies in their transmitters.

He said the MCP is busy buying social media platforms administrators, radio stations, journalists, activists and opposition members and registering new political parties through the Registrar of Political Parties in the North, South and Eastern regions to weaken DPP, UDF and AFORD for majority votes in the 2025 elections.

“In Lilongwe, minors are finding there way in to register for National Identity Cards, party supporters are even threatening NRB officials to do what is best for them,” said Kalindo.

The activist said the step which was taken by Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo in the electoral justice demonstrations battle in 2019 was a get way to success saying, many Malawians rallied behind him and for sure, there could have been one President from the northern region by today for the first time in history.

Kalindo has advised Mtambo that it is never too late, apologizing to Malawians for joining the MCP which later dumped him saying Malawians will welcome him to work with him in the journey to liberate the country from the shackles of MCP dictatorships, mafias, crooks and thieves so that they don’t bounce back into government in 2025.


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