Muvi wa Chilungamo assures people the party  is ready to rescue Malawi

By Vincent Gunde

President and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, has assured the media in Malawi that the party was not formed just to add numbers of political parties in Malawi but to get the country to factory setting in its politics.

Jumah said MRP is a party that has its own ideologies of transforming, rebooting, resetting the country saying these ideologies cannot be achieved if the party goes into Alliance with any other existing parties such as MCP, DPP, and UDF.

He said these parties have for 60 years  minus MRP  using the same ideologies which are the same mentalities of the MCP saying even though Malawi is in democracy, they practice politics of violence, regionalism, tribalism, favoritism and nepotism, among others.
The media in Malawi filed three questions to Bantu Saunders Jumah; his intention to go into Alliance with other political parties or to go alone, treatment MCP is giving to Alliance partners as if it was elected alone without the support of other parties and lessons learnt from MCP for treating electoral partners as useless.


Speaking while answering questions from Malawi media personnel, Jumah said MRP is against politics of the mentalities of the MCP and getting into alliance with those parties will be like the MRP swallowed by the existing political parties underlining “note” to be swallowed by any political party in Malawi.

Jumah said the policies that MRP has are the only solutions to the country’s problems assuring Malawians that MRP is determined to stand alone and it doesn’t matter whether it will win less numbers of MPs in Parliament, this will be a point of departure and what will be important is for MRP to be at the bench of the opposition in Parliament.

He said since MRP is just beginning, it is not sure if Malawians will understand their policies saying all this will depend on enlightenment of the Malawi citizens have claiming that Malawians are not who they were in 2019, 2020 and are not going to be the same people in 2025.

The MRP President said if Malawians understand MRP ideologies, approve it and give them 50 plus 1 majority votes, their MOTTO is Malawi to be transformed, rebooted and resetted claiming that the policies Malawians have seen, faced and watched for 60 years, will not develop the country.

“Malawi cannot move forward with policies of appeasement, we need to reset the country to factory setting to start servicing the loans obtained by previous governments, the President will be using Land Rovers as in the 7th Century,” said Jumah.

He said MRP can only work with those parties that may accept to join and follow their ideologies for an alliance not going into alliances with parties whose interests are self-enrichment and arrogance preferring newly registered parties and not that one for Frank Mwenefumbo linking it to be the son of the MCP and UTM.

Jumah has finally sent an Olive invitation to MCP, DPP, UDF that if they want MRP to be in the electoral Alliance, this will be after the first polls on 16th September, 2025 assuring them that in the second polls, they will go not to be swallowed but going there to show their heads.


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