Mtambo: The Reflector of Anglo-Saxons 449-1066

By Leonard Kavwenje

In any political, economic or social change there is a hero who lights the torch of revolution and all citizens follow the way.

The rich annal of the simultaneous coming in of the Tonse Alliance government and the vanishing of the Democratic Progressive Party regime remains irrelevant and incomplete if the connotative name of Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo is not mentioned.

Mtambo is a great but humble soul from the northern most soils of Chitipa who singlehandedly, turned Malawi’s political monuments upside down in his small airship of Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC).

Mtambo is an epic hero. A spirit that ignored death for the better of Malawi. He never used a casement of selfishness but a door of patriotism.

Timothy Mtambo

As a man whose fearless spears produced wonderful strides and diligently supported ushering the current administration, he deserves a multi-volume state publication of the 2018, 2019 and 2020 events including the dream-like annulment of 2019 presidential election results. In 2020, Mtambo, the Commander in Chief of the Citizens for Transformation (CFT) People Power Movement was just 36 years old (born 1984).

Malawians are now tired of waiting for words of rains from Mtambo.

Once vowed Mtambo, “I shall always stand for my people.”

An undaunted man, gifted of respect and courtesy led Tonse Alliance to a delirium of power. Champion!

Today, I ask the government to consider production of a stately diary and biography of Senior Comrade Timothy Pagonachi Simbega Mtambo. Let the department of culture hold this in high esteem. No envy please.  A story of Mtambo is a national treasurer and source of pride. Mtambo is a historical figure. He deserves arts of Samuel Pepys and James Boswell altogether.

Good Malawians, if one decides to compile ” _The Comprehensive Biography of Timothy Mtambo_ ” for Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford English Literature entries, which character of this rare being would you recommend holding a central place in such a challenging art of Mtambo’s life account?


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