The revelation behind the controversial Zuneth Sattar contracts:An in-depth analysis of the Government’s legal responsibilities

By Twink Jones Gadama

In recent times, the nation of Malawi has found itself embroiled in a whirlwind of controversy surrounding the business transactions involving the influential figure, Zuneth Sattar.

The government’s abrupt termination of all contracts with Sattar has sparked a storm of criticism and confusion, leading to a slew of distorted information and sensationalized media reports.

Nevertheless, amidst the chaos, Minister of Information Moses Kunkuyu has shed light on the government’s legal obligations in this complex affair.


In a recent address to the press held in Lilongwe, Kunkuyu clarified that despite the termination of contracts, the government is bound by law to honor payments for goods already delivered and produced in accordance with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets (PPDA) Act.

According to Kunkuyu, an audit conducted by the Auditor General has uncovered that certain goods had indeed been received and manufactured by Sattar’s enterprises.

As result, the government has initiated payment amounting to a staggering $19 million to fulfill its contractual obligations.

Kunkuyu stressed that this payment is contingent upon externalization by the Reserve Bank of Malawi, ensuring utmost transparency and adherence to due process in the transaction.

However, the Minister also tackled the misinformation and sensationalism surrounding the issue, particularly concerning the government’s purported ongoing association with Sattar.

Kunkuyu reassured the populace that the payments being made are solely in compliance with legal mandates and do not signify a continued partnership with Sattar’s establishments.

In addition to providing clarity on the government’s stance on the matter, Kunkuyu debunked rumors of journalist Gregory Gondwe facing persecution by the Malawi Defence Force for his reporting on the controversy.

He emphatically stated that no such actions are being taken against Gondwe, dispelling any apprehensions of press suppression within the nation.

The controversy surrounding the Zuneth Sattar contracts serves as a stark reminder of the intricate legalities and intricacies inherent in government procurement processes.

Whilst the termination of contracts may have raised eyebrows, it is imperative to comprehend the legal framework within which such decisions are made.

Looking ahead, transparency and accountability will play pivotal roles in ensuring that similar controversies are averted in the future.

The government’s steadfast commitment to upholding the rule of law and fulfilling its contractual obligations epitomizes a dedication to good governance and responsible management of public resources.

As the dust settles on the Zuneth Sattar contracts saga, it is imperative that the lessons gleaned from this experience pave the way for enhanced procurement practices and heightened transparency in government dealings.

By adhering to legal mandates and fostering a culture of accountability, Malawi can move forward with confidence and integrity in its business transactions.


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