Peter Mponda Names Backroom Staff as Silver Strikers Prepare for New Season

By Twink Jones Gadama

Peter Mponda’s appointment as the Head Coach of Silver Strikers Football Club has brought with it a wave of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming season.

The former Malawi national team captain wasted no time in assembling his backroom staff, a crucial element in shaping the success of the team.

The New look Silver Strikers technical panel

In a statement released by the club on February 23, 2024, Mponda announced the members of his technical panel, carefully selected to complement his vision and strategy for the team.

Among the familiar faces retained were Peter Mgangira as the first assistant coach, Young Chimodzi Junior as the second assistant coach, Taonga Chimodzi as the team’s Data Analyst, Andrew Mtalimanja as the Physiotherapist, Chikondi Kaminga as the Team Doctor, and Baby Kamwambe as the Kit Manager.

Joining the team as new additions were Zicco Mkanda as the Strikers Coach, Emmanuel Chipatala as the Team Manager, Cassim Wasili as the Welfare Manager, and McDonald Mphande as the Goalkeeper’s Trainer.

The diverse skill set and experience of the backroom staff created a solid foundation for Mponda to build upon as he set his sights on achieving success with Silver Strikers.

Speaking about his selections, Mponda expressed confidence in the abilities of his team and highlighted the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving their goals.

With a clear focus on performance and results, Mponda urged the fans and stakeholders of the club to support the team as they embarked on their journey towards success.

As the team entered the second week of pre-season training, anticipation and excitement were palpable among the players and coaching staff.

The rigorous training sessions and tactical drills were a testament to the hard work and dedication that Mponda and his team were putting in to prepare for the challenges ahead.

With a blend of experience and fresh perspective in his backroom staff, Mponda was poised to lead Silver Strikers to new heights in the upcoming season.

The cohesion and camaraderie within the team were evident as they worked towards a common goal of achieving success on the pitch.

As the countdown to the new season began, all eyes were on Silver Strikers and their new-look technical panel.

With Peter Mponda at the helm and a dedicated team of professionals by his side, the club was primed for a season of excitement, competition, and ultimately, success. The stage was set for Silver Strikers to make their mark in Malawian football under the guidance of their new Head Coach and his talented backroom staff.


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