Ntchisi’s Sub-Traditional Authority Chawanda installed as T/A

By James Mwale

Ministry of Local Government, Unity and Culture Deputy Minister, Owen Chomanika has called upon chiefs in the country to exercise non-partisan leadership without looking at one’s social or economic status.

He was speaking Friday in Ntchisi when he presided over the installation of Sub-Traditional Authority (STA) Chawanda to Traditional Authority (TA) following his elevation by President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

He said: “Work without favouritism and let everyone who comes to you for help come with confidence that they will receive justice without the inferiority complex of their economic status.”

He also advised the new TA to avoid vices that have led to the downfall of most local authorities who forget the interests of their people and fall into the trap of partisan leadership, political greed and propaganda.

“As Traditional Authority, we hope to see you promoting oneness among your people. We expect to see you executing your leadership duties with dignity and fairness. We have seen Traditional Authorities before who use their leadership role to feed personal interests and forget their own people. We will be disappointed to see those qualities in you,” said Chomanika.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Ntchisi South Constituency, Ulemu Chilapondwa, under which TA Chawanda falls, underscored the need for discipline among chiefs saying rural masses will respect chiefs who hold self-respect.

He said chiefs and councilors need to work in constant relationship with MPs on developmental matters saying the former are mostly on the round and best placed to advise on the practical issues affecting people on the ground.

He said: “We as MPs are mostly in parliament and you chiefs and councilors are on the ground. Let’s embrace effective communication for the sake of the people we lead; they deservedly expect a lot from us.”


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