Sycamore Consult Limited encourages people to keep saving and investing their money amid economic crises

By Chisomo Phiri

One of the country’s leading consulting companies, Sycamore Consult Limited, has encouraged people in the country to keep saving and investing their money despite the economic challenges that the country is going through.

Audrey Mwala, the company’s Managing Director,said people who invest amid economic crises make profit with passing time since challenges are not eternal.

She said this on Sunday in Blantyre when the company was training National Bank of Malawi(NBM) workers on how they could prepare for retirement.

Mwala challenged the trainees to properly plan for retirement when they are working because one day they will retire and they will need sufficient money.

“Things are not working in Malawi, yes, money is enough, yes, but with that little you do more by saving or investing it in business. So develop that habit of saving and investing,” she said.

Sycamore Consult Limited is a Malawian owned training and consulting company registered in Malawi in 2017 with corporate offices in Plantation House, Blantyre, Malawi.

The company is also registered in Zambia, South Africa and operates in the rest of Africa and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Sycamore specializes in providing expert personal skills development and mindset change programs through trainings to employees and entrepreneurs.

The company provides business and project solutions to governments, the private sector, and Non-Governmental Organizations through consultancy works.

It also provides organization development capacity building programs for board of directors, management and all employees of various organizations.


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