Mwakasungula spits fire at those talking bad of Tonse Alliance Government

By Chisomo Phiri

One of the country’s prominent Human Rights Activists Undule Mwakasungula has described the call to remove the Tonse Alliance government for allegedly failing to take Malawians to the promised land as ill-advised.

Some few days ago, former Vice President Cassim Chilumpha suggested the need for the removal of the current regime due to a number of factors including the devaluation of Kwacha by 44 percent which has led to the increase in prices of goods and services.


But in a statement, Mwakasungula says: “As Malawi is going through this economic phase, it is more than just managing a currency’s valuation; it is about steering the nation towards self-reliance, economic growth, and stability. By focusing on local industry strength, agricultural investment, and maintaining a unified stance, Malawi could turn these challenges into stepping stones towards a prosperous future.”

He adds:”Important to understand that while the immediate effects of the Kwacha’s devaluation pose serious challenges, they also serve as a way for essential economic reforms and progress.

“This phase in Malawi’s economic journey, therefore, is not just a challenge to be overcome but an opportunity to build a more self-reliant and prosperous future.”

He has however, suggested that there is a need for unity and constructive engagement among stakeholders as key to developing the country together.


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