Closer to Mtambo made me Timothic

By Leonard Kavwenje

I firstly met Mtambo in 2021. Then he was a cabinet minister. Rhythmically, Mtambo is humble. He greeted me with some duck oil.

I am a Chewa but I understand that to a certain degree, we, the Chewa, are wrongly cultured. I do not know if it’s “dambwe” or something else that make some people fail to appreciate other people’s help.

To say Mtambo betrayed us is poor reasoning. Only stupid and foolish Malawians follow Malawi ignorantly and blindly. Mtambo can even make a good president of Malawi. I know him deep skin. He is such a superman who dreams in colour. He has immeasurable faith and confidence. I shall die of Mtambo respect.

Mtambo disciplined me holistically. Politicians chase my art because of Mtambo’s leadership knack to recognise talent. Whenever one is close to Mtambo, encouragement and motivation become inevitable.

Mtambo taught me how to write better. He never kept to himself his baconian knowledge of Greeks’ and Romans’ classics. He generously revealed to me the geniuses of Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. Mtambo is extra human.

Mtambo is a strong man capable of developing and implementing powerful ideas that can change Malawi. As a young star, he appreciates the fact that with sound leadership Malawi is capable of developing independently.

*Views expressed are those of the Author*


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