Five UNIMA students suspended for harassing staff member

By Chisomo Phiri

Five fourth-year students (three male and two female) at the University of Malawi (UNIMA) in Zomba have been summarily suspended for being found involved in a serious case of harassment of a warden who is also the university’s academic staff member.

In a statement,UNIMA Assistant Registrar Kumvenji Lamba says, the five have been booted out pending the disciplinary hearing due to their immoral behavior.

Lamba explains:”In the early hours of Friday, June 30,2023 at approximately 2 am, some students involved in an altercation at Gweru Hall of Residence involving a warden who is also an academic staff member at the University of Malawi.

“The warden is allegedly physically and verbally harassed when she responded to act on a noise complaint from other residents of Gweru Hall of Residence.”

According to Lamba, the effect of the suspension implies that the students will, in the, meantime, not be handled as bona fide students at the University of Malawi in all aspects until further notice after the final verdict.

However, a date for formal Disciplinary Hearing on the matter has already been set.


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