Let’s get this clear-Chizuma is not first public officer to be interdicted

By Sylvester Chibwana

Martha Chizuma is the master manipulator.She knows that she has nothing to show for her pomp and so she always rushes to throw a victim card when exposed.

So far so good as her trick has worked.She has managed to make Malawians overlook her incompetence thereby sympathising with her and blaming the government for witch hunting in the process.

She has always been in the news for wrong reasons yet she has registered zero success as the Director General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Chizuma has only succeeded in finding Steve Kayuni’s reluctance to grant her consent to go ahead with some outstanding cases.

Now that Kayuni is no longer the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and the ACB does not need to seek consent from the DPP, one would have expected that Chizuma would go full throttle with the pending cases which she believed had stalled because of Kayuni’s reluctance to grant her office consent. Sadly, there is nothing to write home about.

Are we trying to say that we care for Chizuma more than we care about ending corruption in this country? If anything, Malawi has not made any headway in the anti-graft crusade under Chizuma but we seem to be satisfied with the status quo despite the glaring evidence that she is a total disaster.

The way some people are reacting to her interdiction is as if she is the first and the last person to be interdicted.

Sometimes I am prompted to believe that Malawians are twisted to think that President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s forgiveness for the breach of oath of secrecy in that leaked audio means she is innocent.Here is the thing, President Chakwera’s forgiveness only saved her from facing boot but the people she slandered are at liberty file lawsuits the way Kayuni and Justice Mdeza have done.

This means that irrespective of President Chakwera’s forgiveness on the matter Chizuma is still liable for prosecution and she may stand trial soon, a thing which will lower not only her image but her office. And that’s where the Office of President and Cabinet has come in to save the fight against corruption.

I hope Malawians will soon realise that Chizuma has been manipulating them for she is cunningly condensanding.I hope they will realise soon that Chizuma is the waste of time, space and resources.I hope that will happen soon than later before we waste more precious time with her at the helm of ACB.


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