Chakwera walks beyond the Tonse Talk

In what many have described as the real ‘Tonse Philosophy talk,’ President Chakwera has appointed one Hon Owen Chomanika from the main opposition DPP MPs as deputy minister for Local Government, Unity and Culture; truly representative of his desire to preserve national unity and cohesion. Chakwera has gone over and beyond the nine Tonse Alliance partners and reached out to Chikwawa, the further southern part of Malawi.

Speaking to press before his official swearing in ceremony, Chomanika indicated tha Peter Mutharika who is DPP’s incumbent President and former head of state has been aware of the appointment even way before Chakwera’s announcement. Chomanika also indicated that currently he has no intention to join MCP as no one has approached him on this.

President Chakwera greeting Chomanika

Answering a question about how DPP leadership will view this appointment, Chomanika who looked very excited pushed the question to leaders in his party saying his “Bwana,” meaning DPP president, has all been aware of this appointment, and that such appointments go on personal level.

Political commentators in Malawi have described Chakwera’s political move as a sign of maturity in the politics of national unity.

“This is what a real ‘Tonse Alliance’ of all Malawians beyond political party lines, religious beliefs, tribal and regional differences should look like,” commented many political analysts.

Chakwera has also been highly commended for reaching the highest women representation of close to 50% in his new cabinet, a development first of its kind in Malawi’s fight for women participation, equality and empowerment.

“Women constitute almost half of the nation’s population. If they are left out of such important decision making positions it entails half of Malawi is rendered unproductive,” commented another gender expert.

Underscoring that Chakwera has been more inclusive, his adminstration encouragingly has many women in many important positions such as Speaker of Parliament, Ombudsman, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Health, Minister of Labour, Chair for PAC, the recently interdicted ACB director and many others.


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