YICC tackles Gender based violence with a successful awareness campaign

By Chisomo Phiri

In its quest to help the country in the fight against Gender Based Violence cases that are on rise, a Lilongwe-based local organization under the banner Youth Innovational Centre for Change ( YICC) was from December 31,2022 to January 1,2023 held a two-day GBV campaign in Chinsapo area in Lilongwe.

In an interview,the organization’s Exeutice Director Bridget Chaponda said the campaign which targeted young pregnant mothers, children and the elderly was organized after the organization noticed the rise in cases of child abuse and gender based violence in Chinsapo area.

Chiponda said this was also aimed sensitizing these groups living in Chinsapo area on child abuse case as well as gender based violences and let them know where they can report them when they experience such cases.

“We did this because currently, we have noted that there are rising cases of child abuse and gender based violence in Chinsapo area and mostly people they do hide when the experience any kind of abuse.

“We have also noted the increase of child labour where children are being sent to sell the product at late ours like 7 upwards even during the day instead of sending them to school.

“This has affected the future of our youths as it puts them at risk of dropping out from school,” said Chiponda.

YICC Project Coorditor Geoffrey Bwanali emphasized on the need for every child to be protected from all forms of abuses saying this can help create a better generation which will be self-sustained.

” Let me call on fellow Malawians that if we are to create a better future generation of this country, let’s protect our children from all forms of abuse.

“Not only children but also the elderly and young pregnant mothers.

“If someone of these groups is experiencing any form of abuse, let’s report such cases to the relevant authorities for help,” said Bwanali.

Chinsapo Police Station officer sergeant Edward Alufayi commended YICC for the campaign saying it will open ears for many in the communities and help them have enough understanding of gender based violence and related cases.

He said,police as one of the tools that help in ending GBV cases in communities across the country, they will make sure that everyone has access to their offices and report such cases.

” Our office doors are open and we urge you all to come and report any forms of abuse you experience and we are ready to consider them and take action, ” said Alufayi.

During the campaign period, the organization also donated assorted items to the elderly, children and young pregnant mothers living in the Chinsapo area.

Youth Innovational Center For Change is a youth and women-led organisation based in likuni in Lilongwe.

With its catchmen in Chinsapo area, the organization’s main aim is to empower youth by transforming and developing their talent so as for them to be sel-reliant.


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