Opposition Leader Nankhumwa donates K1.5 million at Namasalima fundraiser

By Staff Reporter

On Monday January 2, 2023, Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Dr Kondwani Nankhumwa attended a Namasalima Singers’ fundraising music show at Robins Park in Blantyre.

Namasalima Singers are a famous Seventh Day Adventist Church music outfit based in Muloza in Mulanje on the Malawi border with Mozambique. The group was founded in 1980.

According to the singers leader, Jimmy Katoma, although they have survived for such a long time, they face various challenges. He said they do not have a reliable form of transport to ferry them to various parts of the country to spread the gospel and hence organized the event to raise money for buying a motor car, as well as buy musical instrument and public address (PA) equipment.

Nankhumwa, an Adventist himself, and an erstwhile member of Namasalima Singers, donated K1.5 million. SDA’s Evangelist Dr. Ernest Kaonga who is also Director for Maranatha Private Schools donated K1.5 million, among other various cash donations from other Adventists and others at the colourful event.

Speaking to reporters at the event, Nankhumwa said that as Malawians face their worst social economic turmoil in recorded history, it was time to turn to God for redemption. He said he was very proud of the contribution that Namasalima Singers have made in spreading the word of God and converting many people to Christianity hence he wholeheartedly accepted to attend the function.

Katoma expressed his group’s gratitude to Nankhumwa not only for donating such a huge amount of money but also for taking time off his busy schedule to attend the fundraising event personally


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