Chizuma living on borrowed time? Commission of Inquiry finds her offences liable for punishment

By Sylvester Chibwana

When Martha Chizuma who was cristened Iron Lady at the height of her fame became the Director General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) the country was thrown into frenzy of elation owing to her impeccable track record during her time as the Oumbudsman. But her time at the ACB is slowly turning into a nightmare if not total disaster.

As they say that time reveals the nature of man.A year on, Chizuma has proved to be incompetent, negligent and aloof.More and more her ineptitudes are vindicating those who
have been calling for her removal as she is the waste of time and rescources.

When people like social commentators Humphrey Mvula, Unandi Banda and Ken Msonda became relentless in calling for her dismissal, other people labeled them in bad light.

More so, Tuesday’s release of the findings of the Commission of Inquiry instituted by President Lazarus Chakwera last month has vindicated the social commentators even more.

According to the findings that have been made known to the public as of Tuesday night, the Commission has found Chizuma at fault on many counts and has reported many incriminating evidence that she has on many occasions been violating her oath of office in her line of duty.

Further, the Commission has recommended to President Chakwera that he must do something on the embattled ACB Director.

In part the report says: The Commission finds that there exist reasonable grounds to suspect that the Director General of the Anti-Corruption Bureau committed offences that she demonstrated lack of sound judgement in the leaked audio”

Then the report gives recommendations to the President on the finding as follows: “The Commission recommends that appropriate action be taken to deal with the DG of the ACB in so far as the leaked audio is concerned”

Now this sounds serious as it appears that Chizuma has seen her good days at the graft-busting body.

Although the onus is on President Chakwera, Chizuma is increasingly looking like a goner.


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