Two in police custody over pangolin possession in Chikwawa

By Chisomo Phiri

Police in Chikwawa are keeping in custody two people identified as Christopher Wilson and Cecilia Katunga, for allegedly being found in possession of a live pangolin.

Chikwawa Police Publicist, Dickson Matemba confirmed the arrest of two on Saturday December 31,2022, saying they got a tip from villagers that the two were offering the pangolin for sale; leading to their arrests.

He said the two will appear in court soon to answer the charge of being found in possession of a protected animal.

Wilson hails from Kalanga Village under Traditional Authority ( TA) Govati in Mwanza district while Katunga comes from Ganamba Village in Senior Chief Ngabu in Chikwawa District.

Pangolin is listed under protected species, as numbers have dwindled due to poaching.

A charge of possession of a listed species attracts the maximum sentence of 30 years imprisonment with hard labour.

According to the National Geographic, Pangolin scales, like rhino horn, have no proven medicinal value, yet they are used in traditional Chinese medicine to help with ailments ranging from lactation difficulties to arthritis.

The scales typically dried and ground up into powder, which may be turned into a pill.


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