New Social Media ‘Zateka” for Malawi

By Mike Van Kamande

Neytech Solutions-a Malawian wholly owned Information Communication Technology (ICT) company says it has innovated a social media site called ‘Zateka’ to connect Malawians for diverse interfacing and transacting using a fully localised brand.

Speaking in an interview on Thursday Neytech Solutions Managing Director Kondwani Mushali said the platform now two months old has already attracted over 300 users.

“This is a user-friendly platform which is both mobile and web-based with a social media aspect to it. Zateka has functionalities like instant messaging, status updates, blogging, live interaction, voice notes, file sharing, forums, events, vacancies, movie premier and games among others.

Kondwani Mushali, Brains behind Zateka

“Social media aspect is the bedrock of the platform since 70 percent of it is built around this in mind. Business on Zateka is transacted in Malawi Kwacha as a default currency thereby saving Forex and currently the market area is working for users only in Malawi,” he said.

“Our wallet will have up to a maximum of K1 million and a minimum of zero. Users will be able to top up their accounts with mobile money, banks, or via Zateka agents,” he added.

A social media enthusiastic Wongani Sichinga said Zateka is the localized solution to data security and recovery of hacked accounts.

“We lose data when our accounts are hacked on the other social media platforms but Zateka has resolved these teething problems. I am proud that this is a Malawian owned social e-commerce media platform with financial technology aspect,” she said.

Founded in 2018 to build innovations that empower Malawians technologically, Neytech Solutions has also innovated the first Covid-19 Contact Tracing App, e-learning platform and Aflit App which is the first Malawian e-library.


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