Commission of Inquiry on Chizuma Likely to Miss Target

By Sylvester Chibwana

The commission of inquiry investigating the controversial arrest of director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau-ACB Martha Chizuma is likely to miss deadline despite assuring the citizenry that it will deliver a report to the relevant office once its probe is finalized.

Members of the commission took oath of office on December 10, a few days after it was instituted by President Lazarus Chakwera.

Chakwera gave them 14 days to finalise its investigations and present findings to his office. However up to this day no tangible development is reported from the Commission other than the interviews with various society members.

Chizuma at Namitete Police station

Some senior government officials including cabinet ministers and legal committee members have already appeared before the Commission for further questioning into Chizuma’s arrest.

The ACB chief was embarrassingly arrested by police in the wee hours of December 6 at her home in Lilongwe following what was termed as a complaint from the now suspended Director of Public Prosecutions Steven Kayuni.

Kayuni had complained that he was injured by a leaked audio conversation between Chizuma and another party where Chizuma had characterized Kayuni and most members in Chakwera’s Administration as corrupt and likely to shield Sattar.

Chairperson for the commission, retired justice of Supreme Court of Appeal, Edward Twea, is assuring Malawians that all will be done accordingly.

It remains to be seen whether this Commission will be different from the many others in the past which have largely been used to kill the time away.


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