Enoch Chihana’s Aford cries foul- Tonse Alliance just on paper

By Staff Reporter

In what seems to be a blunt assessment from a Tonse Alliance partner, Enoch Chihana has made his assessment of the current state of what many have described as an ill-fated political alliance of our generation.

Alliance for Democracy-AFORD has said it plans to go solo during the 2025 presidential elections; saying it has the capacity of changing the lives of Malawians.

Its President, Enoch Chihana has disclosed this during the launch of the party’s South Central Region that took place in Blantyre.

Chihana: Tonse on paper only

Chihana says despite AFORD being a Tonse Alliance partner currently running government, it is rebranding its structures countrywide in preparation for the polls.

The party has also announced it will launch 10 more political regions for successful implementation of the rebranding strategy, which started in 2020.

Meanwhile, Chihana is quoted telling Nation Online that the Tonse Alliance is just on paper as there are no defined roles for the partners; a situation he says is making it difficult for the other parties to contribute towards governing the country.

He has further proposed the abolishment of the office of the state vice president; arguing it is a waste of money as it doesn’t serve its purpose.

“It is a useless office. I mean, you have to be delegated and usually delegation becomes a challenge because presidents are selfish. So, if you have a selfish president, you can be in that office for five years doing nothing,” argued Chihana.


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