Minister Mtambo Calls For Accountability and Introduction of Character and Civic Education

The Minister of National Unity Timothy Mtambo has called for promotion of more meaningful accountability in both public and private sector institutions. He has also revealed his Ministry’s intention to introduce Character and Civic Education in Malawi’s school curriculum. The Minister was speaking this on Wednesday at BICC where he was a guest of honour at the opening of a two day General Assembly for African Coalition for Corporate Accountability (ACCA).

“Accountability is one of the crucial cornerstones for meaningful democracy and sustainable development,” said Minister Mtambo. He therefore revealed that his Ministry has embarked on national wide consultations with the citizenry and various stakeholders in order to establish collective national transformative values, one of which is accountability. He also revealed that the Ministry is working with stakeholders to introduce Character and Civic Education in Malawi schools in order to inculcate collective values such as accountability, integrity, discipline, peace and unity among many.

Mtambo at African Coalition for Corporate Accountability (ACCA).

“Time has now come where Malawians are demanding from their leaders in both public and private to account not only for the decisions they make but also for the power and resources under their stewardship,” said the Minister.

“For a long time both the public and private sector institutions have created attractive business strategies, but implementation has left a lot to be desired, culminated with misppropriation of resources,” bemoaned the Minister. He further said these plans keep lying idle, gathering dust on the office tables and in shelves. He therefore said he needed not over-emphasize the crucial role accountability plays in ensuring justice is delivered; and that this justice is intrinsically embedded in the success of the public and private sector institutions, and the fight against corruption and any forms of mediocrity.

The Minister also commended the State President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for his relentless pursuit of tangible results in development efforts and stearing the public and private sector institutions towards more meaningful accountability. He further said the current Administration has focused on Public Sector Reforms, Anti-corruption fight, and Mindset change which is one of my Ministry’s mandate in ensuring success of the Mw Agenda 2063.


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