President Chakwera urges Malawians to be selfless in serving the country:

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

President Lazarus Chakwera has on Friday, July 1,2022 presented the second edition of Zikomo awards at a ceremony that was held at Kamuzu Palace in the capital Lilongwe, with an appeal on all Malawians to serve the country selflessly.

Making his remarks during the presentation of the awards, President Chakwera said the award does not mean that those being recognized are the only Malawians who have rendered outstanding services to the country, but that they are a representation of the kind of service, Malawi as a nation ought to celebrate and commend.

He added that the awards intend to spur them further in offering better service to the nation.

“This award doesn’t mean that you who are being awarded should henceforth become complacent. Rather this award is intended to spur you further into greater sacrificial acts of altruism in service of your country. With this recognition, you have been given much, and therefore much more shall be expected of you. Said the President in part

President Chakwera further urged the awardees to take the recognition as not a compensation for their service to the country, but rather to take it as an acceptance of the progress of the new Malawi.

“If you have been doing your works for the country out of love for the country, then it means you have already accepted the progress of Malawi as a result of your works is the greatest rewards we enjoy from the privilege and opportunity we have been given to serve.” Added President Chakwera.

This year’s edition of Zikomo Presidential awards is second, having introduced by President Chakwera last year, and has this year recognized 20 individuals from various sectors of Arts, Agriculture, Education, ICT, and Entrepreneurship.


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