CFT Movement calls for ACB to start prosecuting old cases  and challenges Malawians to a Mindset Change

By Frank Bandawe

The People Power Movement, Citizen For Transformation Movement (CFT) has hailed President Dr Lazarus Chakwera’ s fight against corruption but has challenged the Anti-corruption Bureau to speed up clearing the backlog so that those that were involved in corruption during DPP regime should also face the law.

The call was made on Thursday when the movement held a press statement where a statement was read by the group’s Publicity Secretary, Chimwemwe Maunde. In her address Maunde said After an extended period of careful observation, media quietness, and minimal public engagements, CFT was back to serious business and that the coming so strong to talk more on issues about the economy, awareness campaigns, public sector reforms.


On the issues of fight against corruption, CFT commended President Chakwera on the work that he has done so far highlighting that, the President has made very immerse decisions on various individuals that have been implicated in corrupt cases whilst in government regardless of their positions. The Movement acknowledged that In the former regimes no senior government official was prosecuted whilst in government.

Maunde said it was pleasing to note that Government is also in the process of establishing an independent specialized court to deal with corruption. While this is the direction the country needs in the fight against corruption, CFT has called on the speedy process so that this is implemented as soon as possible.

Maunde also said the Movement is commending the current Administration for increasing the Funding at the ACB, which has struggled in the past because of little resources and funding. However, they are several recommendations that have been made that includes setting up Toll Free numbers nationwide for receiving confidential reports that can be channeled to the ACB and other appropriate institutions. That ACB should go back to the drawing board and set up an action-oriented periodic Lifestyle Auditfor public officers of National importance. CFT also recommended that ACB itself should clear up its own rubble of corrupt lawyers and officers within the institution who have derailed the fight against corruption by stealing case files, removing evidence and many other evil tactics.

CFT has also commended the work of current ACB director Martha Chizuma “we would like to encourage her on the fight against corruption, we have observed with  shock and sadness that some un patriotic Malawians have been working so hard to frustrate the work of Chuzuma and ACB, to the point of organizing vigils and demonstrations,  Fellow Malawians  as a people power movement we will continue fighting battles that are of national interest and anyone that comes in our way as agents of change will be exposed and fought accordingly. There is no individual who is above the law when dealing with corruption” said Maunde

The movement is cautious however with the fact that there is little or no continuity and progress in some of the cases from the previous regimes, for example the  577 Billion gate popularly known as the “13 files case case”, the Cement gate case, The former president  was supposed to be interrogated. CFT has requested ACB to make progress on these old cases that have taken years without action. “When these cases are addressed, it will resonate the stand that the President has taken in the fight against corruption” added Maunde

CFT has urged Malawians to be patriotic and help in the fight against corruption. “We implore the entire nation to uphold Mindset Change and Public Sector Reforms. It is the duty of every Malawian citizen to fight corruption. That is why we are encouraging everyone to report any form of corruption in Government institutions,” said the statement.

Citizens For Transformation (CFT) is a people power movement that was formed in 2020 by Activist Cum Politician Timothy Mtambo. The Movement aims at ensuring that Malawians are well informed on issues of national interest and importance, fostering positive citizens engagement for sustainable development. 


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