Balaka District Council geared to enhance revenue collection

by Mary Makhiringa

Balaka District Council is geared to improve its revenue base through the Governance to Enable Service Delivery (GESD) Project funds.

Balaka for a couple of years, has been struggling to settle its bills, a situation which led to demonstrations from its direct employees due to non-payment of their monthly dues.

Through the GESD project funds being implemented by the Malawi Government through the Ministries of Local Government, Finance, and the National Local Government Finance Committee (NLGFC) with funding from the World Bank, Balaka District Council is implementing among others three projects which when completed will help the council increase its revenue base.

District Commissioner (DC) for Balaka, Macloud Kadammanja

In an interview , District Commissioner (DC) for Balaka, Macloud Kadammanja disclosed that the council understands the need for financial stability if the district is to make strides.

“The design of the GESD funded projects, apart from improving service delivery by embarking on projects that will accelerate good service delivery, is also meant to ensure that we invest in bankable projects which at the end of the day should bring revenue to the council,” he said.

The DC said, “We decided therefore to venture in the construction of the market, shops within the bus depot and a slaughter house which apart from giving the council revenue, will enhance sanitation.”


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