New Cabinet key in helping Chakwera win battle against corruption- MCP Diaspora

By Staff Reporter

The Malawi Congress Party Diaspora Network (MCPDN), the diaspora chapter of the ruling MCP  has said the newly constituted cabinet can be key to helping President Chakwera win the battle against the rampant corruption  that has become synonymous with government departments and politicians in Malawi.

In statement released on Thursday night just before President Chakwera had released the final names of his cabinet, the group says it anticipated that the new cabinet will not only represent the vision President Chakwera has for the country but will also capture the current mood of Malawians.

Confirming the release of the statement, MCPDN Deputy Communications Director Nic Thindwa  told 247Malawi News  that the recent developments in Malawi triggered the group to have a say  as the group aims to be at the forefront in supporting President Chakwera’s efforts to End Corruption

In the statement MCPDN   says it strongly believes that the people that the President has trusted to work with him, from advisors, ministers and government employees will strive to work with integrity and pursue the vision that President Chakwera has for the country.

“We are therefore expecting that the new cohort of ministers will be at the forefront of implementing the manifesto that we sold to Malawians. For that, we wish them well”

“For many years, Malawians have longed for real change. When Malawians passed through the despotic, corrupt and nepotistic regime of the DPP under Peter Mutharika, many of us prayed for a day when we would have a government that will care for its people, listen to the people and work towards changing the lives of Malawians for the better. The coming in of Tonse Alliance, therefore, was a relief to many Malawians”.

MCPDN Deputy Communications Director Nic Thindwa

“This is why, as MCPDN, we understand the frustrations of Malawians when they feel that the government is not doing enough. The expectations from this government were and remain high. Over the past months, it has become obvious that corruption is one of the key issues affecting Malawians.  It has become clear that Malawians are fed up and tired of leaders whose only interest is to enrich themselves at the expense of poor Malawians. Malawians from all walks of life are discontented and desire to see a ruthless fight against corruption.”

MCPDN also thanked President Chakwera for publicly backing current Anti-corruption Bureau Director Martha Chizuma “We applaud President Chakwera for the support and backing he has shown to the Director of the ACB, Martha Chizuma. Without dwelling on the events that necessitated this public demonstration of support, it goes without saying that Ms Chizuma has shown the passion and unwavering determination that are essential in the delivery of one of the key pillars of Chakwera’s Super HI5, which is Ending Corruption”.read part of the statement.

“One of the enablers of Malawi Vision 2063 is the adoption by the nation of a mindset change that will enable our country to thrive and prosper. As we are working towards this, one of the biggest challenges we are facing is the culture of corruption which must be uprooted by any means necessary. Fundamental values such as integrity, transparency and the fight against corruption have to be part of the culture of our nation at every level, including the public and private sectors”.

The group says it believes that MCP is the right party to lead in the fight against corruption and that  President Chakwera is the right leader to usher Malawi into a new generation of that is corrupt free Malawi.

“We also believe that the current regime will go down in history as the one that took the fight against corruption head on. Let us, then, get to work and create this history together”

MCP Diaspora Network is the umbrella group of all MCP Diaspora groups , with regional groups in RSA, UK , USA , Canada, Republic of Ireland, UAE, Kuwait ,Botswana and Namibia


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