Mangochi advises Chakwera to visit disaster victims in time

By Vincent Gunde

Karonga based rights activist Lytone Mangochi, has advised President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to visit disaster victims in time to be with the people mourning together and not waiting for weeks to visit them.

Mangochi said Chakwera is the first citizen and the head of government and as such he should be the first to visit disaster victims two or three days after disaster occurred saying this portrays a good image that the President is with them all the time.

Chakwera and Kyungu

He thanked President Chakwera for visiting Karonga flood victims at Kambwe saying even though he visited the victims three weeks after the floods occurred, he has demonstrated his servant leadership that he went there with food and some other relief items.

Speaking through a video clip circulating in various social media platforms, Mangochi said the floods that hit Karonga were that which were similar to Tropical Cyclone Freddy where hundreds of people died and thousands survived in the southern region districts.

Mangochi has advised those that prepares for Chakwera’s visit to the disaster areas to weigh out the programs so that Chakwera cut short other programs to attend to the victims in an urgent manner other than taking 3 weeks saying this is not mourning with them but comforting them.

He has assured President Chakwera that his advice is not against him visiting disaster victims but for the love of him claiming that those surrounding him are not advising him in good faith but deceiving him that things are good on the ground.

The activist gave an example of Ministers from the northern region that they are so greedy that them are MCP and are busy buying people who will not help the MCP in no way but deceiving him that many people are rallying behind and supporting him.

He claimed that he was one of the people who worked hard for President Chakwera to be voted massively in the June, 2020 elections and should not be seen as an enemy to President Chakwera for telling him the truth that people on the ground are suffering.

“I appeal to you President Chakwera , listen to me and not your Ministers and advisors, they are deceiving you, don’t think that I hate you and the MCP but I want you to come back to your senses,” said Mngochi.

He has predicted to President Chakwera to mark his words that most of his Ministers from the northern region will not cross the wilderness of the MCP elective conference to be held in August, 2024 because they don’t have support of the people in the region.


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