COCIMADIA pens Diplomatic missions for Malawi to be freed

By Vincent Gunde

Concerned Citizens of Malawi in the Diaspora (COCIMADIA), has written a letter to the Diplomatic Missions present in Malawi to help and support the consciousness so that Malawi be freed from the “ judicial Coup” that fight consciousness.

COCIMADIA says Malawians cannot and will never find a better government without justice, justice must be seen and to be done in the interests of the general public observing that Consciousness and justice equals TRUTH while Transparency and Accountability equals TRUST.

The Group has claimed that Malawi is a nation that has lost Trust and Truth saying a better Malawi can be achieved or created by using consciousness not legal short-cuts or “Judicial Coup-detat”

Chris Bulakwacha-Malawi is a nation that has lost trust and truth

In a letter of conscious dated 5th March, 2024 signed by Chris Bulakwacha (Chairperson) addressed to all men and women together with the youth of conscious, COCIMADIA has called on all to come with legal sense so that Malawi can start running or moving under and within the law drawn and passed by the general consensus in 1994.

The letter which has been copied to President Chakwera, Dr. Saulosi Chilima, Parliament of Malawi, Law Society of Malawi, among others, has called upon all Conscious Concerned Citizens to contribute financial assistance so that the conscious turns into legalism.

It says as from 1994 up to the elections of June, 2020 the country has been running unlawful elections according to the judgement of the Constitutional Court of the 3rd February, 2020 that is First Past the Post (FPTP) instead of 50+1 meaning that the laws were made from wrong hands first and corrected by right hands later.

COCIMADIA says the Constitutional Court made a ruling and thereafter, Parliament went to make the law arguing that if the Judicial through the Constitutional Court were correct in their judgement and that they were after jurisdiction, the repeated elections could see the very same format used in 2019 elections repeated without any changes.

The Group says by the date of 21st May, 2024, if the present Executive Branch and the present Parliament is still in office without fresh elections, they will all be illegal and unconstitutional, no one will recognize them.

“There is need to have an Interim or Caretaker authority to oversee fresh elections of 16th September, 2025 but not the existing office bearers,” reads the letter in part.

President and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, says his party has endorsed COCIMADIA’s letter saying the Tonse Alliance is in government today through Judicial Coup not free and fair elections.

Jumah has called upon Malawians of goodwill to support COCIMADIA saying that is the truth appealing to lawyers, judges to look at the letter with seriousness for the laws to be respected saying the mandate of the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch ends on 21st May, 2024 as provided for in the Republican Constitution.

He observed with a great concern that Malawi lawyers and judges cannot be trusted, all are under the state capture hence a good need to seek independent lawyers appealing to all patriotic Malawians to support COCIMADIA financially so that they can go to international lawyers to free Malawi and the Republican Constitution.


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