Police arrest 55 over criminal activities in Lilongwe

By Chisomo Phiri

Police in Lilongwe have in the wee hours of Saturday, December 16, 2023, arrested 55 people on suspicion that they have been behind a series of early morning criminal activities.

According to the Police Publicist for Lilongwe, Hastings Chigalu, the suspects have been using Chimtambala and Mwandikumbukira tricks, sexual and physical assault against women, among others.

He said the incidences were rampant in places such as the newly constructed Lilongwe footbridge near Tsoka Market, Bwalolanjovu, Shire Bus Terminal, and inside the main fish market in the capital, Lilongwe.

Chigalu said police had information that unknown criminals were targeting, and attacking unsuspecting early morning travellers, people who visited the city from distant districts and areas for business and other purposes, robbing and swindling them huge sums of money and property in the process.

He said the station conducted the operation in conjunction with Lilongwe urban community policing groups and that the operation will continue throughout the festive season.

Meanwhile, the suspects are expected to appear before court next week where they will be formally charged.


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