Kalindo describes Malawi politicians as very shameful leaders

By Vincent Gunde

Political activist Hon. Bon Elias Kalindo has described Members of the Malawi Parliament (MPs), both government and opposition as very shameful leaders and are above the country’s laws.

Kalindo said it is sad that the elections date has been shifted from May, 2024 to September, 2025 for reasons best explained by MPs saying this is speaking for itself that Malawi is being run without laws and that the laws are being driven by mafias and crooks.

He said Malawi laws are in the hands of politicians driving the citizens to be following them claiming that had it been that Malawians think outside the box, they would have all stood up to demand elections to be held in May, 2024.
Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo has observed that Malawi has well learned judges and others, are Professors of laws but they cannot stand up to question politicians who are breaking the laws left and right.

Kalindo has observed that well learned judges have kept quiet watching the country’s laws to be destroyed by politicians saying by allowing MPs to extend their mandate for another one year making it 6 years, this has demonstrated that Malawi is a country of no laws.
He said by shifting the electoral date to September, 2025 without consulting the citizens, this is answering it all that Malawi is following laws of the jungle and not those from the Republican Constitution of which the Malawi nation was founded upon.


On the issue of the Vice President of the Republic Dr. Saulosi Claus Chilima to stand as the next President in 2025, Kalindo has asked Dr. Chilima to forget about 2025 claiming that Malawians are not ready to vote for him as President of the Republic.
Kalindo has claimed that he went to Dr. Chilima”s house appealing to him to quit the Alliance with the MCP and concentrate with the elections coming in 2025 but he rejected this free call opting to remain quiet as if everything is good on the ground.
“Before joining the Alliance, Dr. Chilima accused the DPP and its leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, today he is in Chakwera’s led government, he has shut his mouth,” he said.
He has since described the secret agreement signed between Chakwera and Chilima of forming an electoral Alliance thereby sharing terms of holding office by 5 years rule as an agreement of Personal to Holder which is not legally bound by the country’s laws.

Kalindo said the way Malawians have suffered under President Chakwera and his MCP led government, no wise person can wake up from bed to vote for the two who all are eyeing to bounce back into government in 2025 asking the two which government is waiting for them?


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