SOEs underperfomance frustrates Govt

By Chisomo Phiri

Government says it is frustrated with the underperformance of many State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the country.

Speaking during a balanced scorecard (BSC) holistic excellence workshop at Livingstonia Beach in Salima on Wednesday, Comptroller of Statutory Corporations, Peter Simbani, said most of the SOEs are failing to give dividends to government.

Said Simbani:”We have about 80 SOEs but very few are able to declare and give dividends to government, most of them are struggling and most of them come to treasury for bail-out.”

Peter Simbani

In his brief remarks, managing partner for Nova business consulting, Joseph Makuwira, said the balanced scorecard (BSC) is the most widely applied system to manage strategy and strategic performance.

He added the programme is aimed at developing the competence of senior managers and leaders in Malawian SOEs.

Makuwira concluded that since last year, they have managed to reach five SOEs with the programme.

In 2022, the following SOEs were topped the list of worst performers in the trading sector ; ADMARC, Blantyre Water Board (BWB), and the National Economic and Empowerment Fund (NEEF) while in the regulator sector, Tobacco Commission was topped the worst performer.


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