Chakwera preaches unity

By Linda Kwanjana

President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera says unity is a key driver of national development.

President Chakwera was speaking on Thursday during the Umodzi Day Celebration at Mtsiliza in Lilongwe.

President Chakwera reiterated that there cannot be meaningfu development in the country if people are divided along tribal, political and religeous lines.

He said: “The first of the cornerstones on which Malawi was founded on was Unity. In the vision and foresight of our founders, unity was the catalyst for development, the safety net of our culture, and the bastion of our spirit of Umunthu.”

The Malawi State President said while unity was a key foundation, it remains an important aspect for future national aspiration such as the Malawi 2063.

“The future we have outlined in Malawi 2063 is one we cannot afford to pursue while leaving anyone behind,” he said.

Umodzi gathering was a get together of Malawians from diverse backgrounds coined on the premise of fostering unity while sighting on Malawi 2063.

Symbolising unity, the function was coloured by the sight of integration by people wearing different party regalias.The diversity was also puncuated by the presence of traditional, religious and political leaders.


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