Chakwera administration on a drive to transform Likoma Island

By Linda Kwanjana

Likoma is the only Island district in Malawi isolated from the mainland. Being cut from the rest of the country is the reason enough to be forgotten by those in power as was the case in the previous government.

However, President Lazarus Lazarus considers the Islanders as people deserving good social services like others in far corners of the country.

This is why his administration is changing the wrong narrative that Likoma Island is but just a forgotten place.

To say that his administration is transforming the island is an understatement, Likoma is now wearing a new face, thanks to Presidsnt Chakwera’s development agenda.

President Chakwera’s decision to partake in the National Health Day at the island district is a statement that the home of George Nga Ntafu is as equal as Karonga, Mchinji, Mangochi, Chikwawa and the rest of the country.

Importantly, the President’s visit has helped Malawians to appreciate some of the development projects taking place in the district.

President Chakwera has a number of life-changing developments at Likoma and during the visit, he toured the Likoma Solar Power Plant; his signature project which is producing 1 Megawatt which is serving 1,620 customers at the Island, according to Egenco.

The solar plant has replaced the diesel generators which used to be the main source of electricity at Likoma and Chizumulu Islands for decades.

President Chakwera also toured the construction site of the state-of-the art Likoma Island port which is nearing completion.

According to economic experts, the upgrading of the port is of economic importance to the country as it will link with the Mtwara Development corridor up north. In turn the port will facilitate the movement of cargo between Malawi, Zambia,Tanzania and Mozambique.


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