FND hails President Chakwera for mini cabinet shake up

By Vincent Gunde

The Forum for National Development (FND) has hailed President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera for changes he has made at the Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Finance.

Chakwera on Saturday night announced moving Trade Minister Simplex Chithyola Banda to the Ministry of Finance and Minister of Finance Sosten Alfred Gwengwe to the Ministry of Trade.


FND in a statement dated October 8,2023,and signed by its Chairperson Bright Kampaundi and National Coordinator Fryson Chodzi,says Gwengwe after being faced with the circus of Bridgin Foundation, East Bridge fertilizer deal, the Barkaat Foods Limited, the Quay Energy and so many other financial scams, including issuance of numerous sovereign guarantees, the change at the Ministry of Finance has been inevitable.

The organization has extended its heartfelt congratulations to the appointee Hon. Simplex Chithyola Banda as new Minister of Finance in Malawi believing that President Chakwera has trusted the capabilities of the appointee.

FND adds that it is aware that before such appointments are made, a thorough background checks are undertaken commending the President for ensuring that the appointment process upholds the highest standards of integrity and experience.

The FND says as Hon. Chithyola Banda assumes the role of Finance Minister, the organization has wished him all the success and extend its support urging him to uphold the principles of honesty, transparency, and accountability in his endeavors.

The organization has advised Hon. Chithyola Banda that it is vital he remains steadfast in his commitment to eradicating corruption and avoiding any form of political contamination by leading with integrity, he will not only inspire trust among the people but also set an example for others in public service to follow.

It has encouraged Hon. Chithyola Banda to stay the course on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Extended Credit Facility (ECF) and prioritize the necessary discipline and reforms to keep Malawi on a sustainable path of progress.

“This program plays a crucial role in stimulating economic growth, improving fiscal management, and ensuring the well-being of our citizens,” reads the organization’s statement in part.

The FND says it is essential that all efforts are made to implement the necessary measures with diligence and determination advising him to serve the nation with dedication, competence, and unwavering commitment to the development and prosperity of Malawi that together, they can strive towards a brighter future of the beloved country.


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