Govt appludes MEJN for coming up with study on Climate Governance status

By Wilfred Golden

Parliamentary Committee on environment and natural resources has applauded Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) on the validation of a study report on climate change by saying that this will prompt them to look ahead in issues of promoting laws on climate change issues.

Esther Jolobala member of parliamentary committe on environmental and climate issues, said this in Lilongwe where she commended MEJN by saying that the report has indicated some shortfalls that needs to be looked into and that when she goes back to her committe she is going to them out and see how they can improve


“If you look at the report there are issues to be done by parliament and other issues to be done by different responsible ministry, so for parliamentary part I think after this meeting when I present the report to the committe MEJN has to come in as well and address some issues, then we will make sure using our oversight institution that those needed to be reviewed should be reviewed,” she said.

On her part, MEJN Executive Director, Bertha Phiri, said that they were compelled to do a study on climate change financing, how government is committed to invest on climate change effect programs, particularly assessing policies that are there, commitments that are there under Community of Party commitments, that where also a signatory tool, just as a cataylist as everybody knows that climate is a cataylist for development particulary in the agenda 2063.

“In the report we articulate that the investment does not really march the damages that climate change has really brought to Malawi, just to mention one of it being Cyclone Freddy, as in the budget 750 billion has been alluded to be needed but the report has indicated that in 10 years only 30 billion of investment has been indicated, this is a signal that we are loosing alot that what we are investing,” Phiri said.

The study report was done by a separate consulting film in the name of Everest Intelligent with the consultant highlighting some of the objectives as the study needs to assess the climate change financing trends in Malawi as well as assessing the implementation and domestication of CoP commitments.


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