Misalico joins MSE , RBM on shareholding awareness*

By Andrew Mwanandiye Tembo

As Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE) in collaboration with Reserve Bank of Malawi( RBM) continue raising awareness to the general public on the importance of savings and investing through companies shareholding,Minority Shareholders Association of Listed Companies (Misalico) has also vowed to join the move.

Speaking during the Misalico shareholding literacy opening day program on Wednesday in Blantyre, Chief Executive Director for MSE John Kamanga said it is worrisome to note that out of 19 million country’s population , slightly 50 percent of the people are listed as shareholders


“We can openly inform you that if you can compare our country’s population which is now 19 million, you will see that sightly 50 percent have shares, a development which is worrisome,” Said Kamanga

Kamanga applauded Misalico for taking a brave step to embark on the journey together with MSE and RBM on raising awareness to people on the importance of shareholding for people to understand.

In a separate interview,Chairperson for Misalico Literacy Program which is targeting the whole nation William Matewere said Misalico is fully geared to make a lot of people buy shares of their choice,country wide.

“Misalico has seen how the share markets are trading ,we have come to bring a notable improvement by working together with MSE and Reserve Bank and anybody can support, it is not limited, ” said Matewere.

On his part , Benedicto Bena Nkhoma,one of the investors and motivation speakers said he has experienced more profits in buying and selling shares.

He said through the process he is now a billionaire.

In erasing mentality of women underrating themselves, another female motivation speaker Julian Somba Banda encouraged people to have a choice of a particular share according to their intended financial goal.

“I merely invested less than 100 million but I have made half billion Malawi kwacha,you can make your choice either by investing in Hotels,Banks and see a way through in life,” she said.

The Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE) is licensed under the financial service Act 2010, operates under security Act 2010 and companies Act 2013.

It has been in existence since 1994 and started equity trading in November 1996 aiming at providing markets places for buyers and sellers of listed securities and it stated with 18 listed companies.


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