Chilumpha promises to develop Malawi, end corruption

By Chisomo Phiri

The Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD) President Cassim Chilumpha says he is well prepared to bring on table issues that can help develop Malawi and end corruption if elected as the President in the 2025 general elections.

Chilumpha made the remarks on Saturday evening at Mgona Ground in Lilongwe where he held a political rally.

He said time has now come for Malawians to elect into power the right leader who is committed to transform the country in all aspects of development.

Cassim Chiumpha

“It is now time to elect a right leader to develop Malawi and end corruption. I am here to assure you that once put into power, I will make Malawi, a corrupt-free nation. I am the only person who will develop Malawi and I am well prepared for that,” he said.

Chilumpha accused the current leadership led by President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera of failing to take Malawians to Canaan as it promised.

“They have failed to take us to Canaan, they have failed to change things. They have failed to improve the welfare of youths.They have failed everything. Please, come 2025, do not make a mistake, vote for Chilumpha, vote for change. I do not just promise, but I fulfil what I promise,” said Chilumpha.

Apart from ending corruption, Chilumpha said his campaign manifesto is centered much on a number of important things such as education promotion through fees provision to the needy students , stabilizing Malawi’s economy through farming, women and youth empowerment and poverty eradication.

Among other people who attended the rally include the party’s Gneral Secretary Heavyrock Bonomali ,the party’s vice-president for administration Bishop Andrew Kanyerere and the party’s national women director Rhoda Mtupanyama.

Born on November 29,1959 Cassim Chilumpha is a Malawian politician who was Vice-President of Malawi from June 2004 to May 2009.

Later, under President Joyce Banda, he was appointed as Minister of Energy and Mining in April 2012.


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