Zikhale storm Blantyre with unifying message

By Linda Kwanjana

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) National Director of strategic planning who is also Minister of Homeland Security Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma has amplified unifying message as per State President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s call to spearhead unity in the country.

This follows ralies which Zikhale held at Bangwe and Chilobwe in Blantyre on Saturday and Sunday respectively which he themed “Tiyeni a Malawi Tigwirane manja”.

With the impressive patronage in both ralies, Zikhale has proved a point that MCP has the potential to penetrate and gain support in the southern region.

Speaking in an interview, Zikhale said that he wants to unify Malawians in all regions of the country, considering that the country is divided politically.

Zikhale pointed out that it is good for the country to be united for all the regions to benefit from the national cake developmental wise.

Zikhale further urged people to rally behind the Malawi Congress party under the leadership of president Dr Chakwera for the country to develop.

The MCP’s strategist said the party has lined up a number of developmental projects which can help to improve people’s lives, adding that in due course he will organise other rallies in Thyolo and Phalombe districts to inform people about various developmental projects Chakwera’s government is doing.

Zikhale who is also known as “Nyamazikuluzikulu” in political circles has emphasized on the need to strengthen communication strategies within the party for people to know development projects which the government is doing.

Zikhake observed that for a long time Malawians have been perceived by politicians as votes and not citizens who deserve better a scenario that has made the country fail to develop.

“My aim is that we spread across the country,this is the reason why I am planning to move the whole southern region as one way of bringing people closer to Chakwera and MCP.

People had in mind that MCP is for the central region, but now they should change their minds that MCP is even for those in the south”,he said.

Since the attainment of democracy, MCP has been having problems to penetrate in the southern region because the region has been known to be for the United Democratic Front- UDF as well as Democratic Progressive Party- DPP and Zikhale seems to have broken the ice.


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