Malawians Have Lost Patriotism and Moral Campus

By Sylvester Chibwana

Mtambo said it is plain truth that Malawians have over the three decades lost the moral campus and patriotism. Mtambo, who is Minister for National Unity and Civic Education, was commenting on why the Ministry is more important now than ever before; saying the Ministry is aimed at promoting the national moral agenda such as mindset change, apart from peace, unity, and coexistence. Mtambo also said since the dawn of multiparty democracy in 1993, citizens have lost shared core civic values such as patriotism, unity, discipline, some of which were sadly thrown away together with the successes of the Kamuzu era. Mtambo was speaking this in an exclusive interview.

“It is worth noting that sabotage of government business and corruption which were once a taboo and greatest abomination in our society have not only now become normal and fashionable but also a cancer that threatens the very existence of the nation,” he said.

“There are many public agencies and public servants who have become bosses of the very citizens they were meant to serve; lazy officers who take no responsibility at all; have no regard for delivery of excellent service, and have no transparency and accountability,” retorted Minister Mtambo.

Chakwera’s Administration has since taking over power focused on “clearing this rubble.” The interventions have seen the ending of job contracts for some or at least not renewing and transferring of other individuals to different job stations. In his maiden speech Chakwera had emphasized about public service reforms which included reviewing and closing of all gaps in Government procurement, recruitment, and the decision making processes.

Mtambo’s concerns come following a wave of what appears to be deliberate sabotage of government business, projects and programs by people who are only bent over frustrating the current Administration in order to meet their selfish political interests.

Another of Mtambo’s worries has been reported to be mob violence against the innocent and helpless. The Minister also said that it is in this age when the elderly are beaten up or even killed in the name of witchcraft allegations. Recently our hard working public health officials have been manhandled when they go on the vaccination campaigns or conduct any community health work. Our general elections have been marred by political violence and fraud. Public infrastructure has been vandalized or stolen such as road signs, bridges, railway lines, water pipes, electricity structures etc.

Mtambo said the time to remove this cancer is now: “A country whose shared core civic values are lost can never develop.” He said this is why the Ministry was established in order to civically empower Malawians through programs and projects in the Civic Education Department. Malawians are more divided now than ever before in the history of the nation in such areas as political, tribal, religious, and socioeconomic lines. This is why the Ministry had the National Unity Department. The 2020 elections have once again offered Malawi another chance at development.


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