USA Special Envoy for Global Food Security Fowler’s Travel to Malawi

By Staff Reporter

U.S. Department of State Special Envoy for Global Food Security, Dr. Cary Fowler will travel to Lusaka, Zambia, January 15-18; Lilongwe, Malawi, January 18-21; and London, United Kingdom, January 23-24.

While in Lilongwe, Special Envoy Fowler will be joined by USAID Global Food Crisis Coordinator Dina Esposito for meetings with government officials and stakeholders on the regional food security crisis. Special Envoy Fowler and Coordinator Esposito will promote local partnerships through the new Accelerated Innovation Delivery Initiative, which seeks to support smallholder farmers with the resources and tools to overcome high food and fertilizer prices and adapt to the climate crisis.

Dr. Cary Fowler

Dr. Fowler and Coordinator Esposito will also visit Feed the Future programs supporting climate resilient farming and nutrition diversification and will discuss the U.S. strategy for addressing the global food security crisis.


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