Helen Buluma NOCMA Contract be terminated forthwith says Ombudsman

Her recruitment irregular and unprocedural

By Staff Reporter

Investigations by office of Ombudsman into alleged recruitment of Nocma deputy CEO Helen Buluma has found that she was irregularly and unprocedurally recruited as no advert was flighted and no application was made.

Speaking at the press briefing in Lilongwe to release a determination on the alleged unprocedural and irregular recruitment of Deputy Chief Executive Officer for the National Oil Company of Malawi (Nocma) Helen Buluma Ombudsman Grace Malera has directed that the appointment of Nocma deputy CEO Helen Buluma should be treated as it never happened, and no benefits should be paid for the time served.

The Ombudsman has also found that at the time of Bulumas appointment, the position of deputy CEO did not exist in Nocma’s establishment.

During investigations the Comptroller of Statutory Corporations told her office that Helen Buluma’s employment at Nocma as Deputy Chief Executive Officer followed a Presidential Directive. Malera said Buluma told the inquiry that she did not apply for the Deputy CEO position at Nocma but has the requisite skills and qualifications for the post. She went on to say Buluma also admitted having served in the National Governing Council of the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party, an affiliation the complainants raised might have warranted her recruitment.

She has also directed that Buluma’s contract should be terminated forthwith and if any extension was done it must be nullified forthwith. According to Ombudsman’s determination, Buluma should not be allowed to benefit from an Illegality.


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