Step Aside and Prove your Innocence- Chilima Challenged

By Staff Reporter

There are growing calls for State Vice President, Saulos Chilima, to step down to pave way for investigations into the corruption which he is topping the list of ranking officials in Zuneth Sattar’s corruption scandal.

Speaking on a local TV, Executive Director of Youth and Society, Charles Kajoloweka, demanded that those implicated in Sattar’s scandal should resign immediately to pave way for investigations.

“The only way to allow the course of natural justice to prevail is for the people implicated in the report to resign so that the officials should not stand in the way of the investigations,” he said.

Chilima and Kajoloweka

According to reports published by the British Government’s National Crime Agency (NCA) businessman Sattar is being accused of bribing some high-ranking government officials to land a multi- billon contract.

Kajoloweka also urged government that the case should also be handled in the country so that Malawians can easily follow the proceedings.

“It is important that Malawians should not just follow the case through the press, it will be good for it to be tried in the country so that the people mentioned should be tried using Malawian laws,” said Kajoloweka.

The case is currently before Uxbridge Magistrate Court.

Meanwhile, the Uxbridge Magistrate Court on Thursday dismissed Sattar’s application to have his bail conditions eased so that he be allowed to travel to Malawi and Dubai.

The NCA report comes weeks after one concerned citizen Gosten Chinseu asked ACB and MRA to probe UTM over the purchase of a fleet of vehicles.

Chinseu said he wants to know how the vehicles were bought considering that the party does not meet the requirements to get any parliamentary funding owing to the insufficient number of parliamentarians which currently at four in the 193-member house.


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