National Unity Minister Mtambo meets Asians after increase in racist attacks

By Staff Reporter

The Minister of National Unity Hon. Timothy Mtambo on Thursday afternoon engaged the Asian Business Community representatives in Lilongwe following their call for the Ministry’s intervention on growing racist attacks against them.

Lately, there have been racist attacks targeted at the Asian community following arrest of some Malawians of Asian region over corruption related cases.

The Minister has appealed to local Malawians to live in peace with Asian counterparts as they form part of the society fabric.

The ministry issued a statement late February calling for peaceful coexistence. This was after some Malawians threatened that they will hold demonstrations targeting Asian individuals that would involve going to their houses. In the Ministry’s statement it highlighted that “Racial Profiling, Xenophobic Statements, discrimination and instigating violence are tantamount to breaking the law”


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