DPP stops Nankhumwa’s Shadow Cabinet

by Brenda Kaonga, Mana

DPP Member of Parliament for Mangochi South West who is also the partys spokesman,Shadreck Namalomba has obtained a court order staying the appointment of a shadow cabinet by Kondwani Nankhumwa leader of opposition in Parliament- without approval of DPP.

The court order is also stopping the recent appointments of DPP’s spokesperson in the house without approval of DPP.In addition, the order is also staying a decision by Nankhumwa to change the sitting plan by allocating Namalomba to Seat Number 99 and later Seat Number 100 from Seat Number 25.Further the order is restraining Nankhumwa from discharging the duties of the office of the leader of opposition without consultation and written approval of DPP.

Shadreck Namalomba

Besides, the order is restraining parliament from recognizing the decisions made by Nankhumwa as leader of opposition in absence of proof in writing that the decisions have been approved by the DPP. Meanwhile, the court has granted leave for judicial review to Namalomba over the decisions made by Nankhumwa.

The court has also said any affected by the order has liberty to the court to vacate the order by giving 48hrs notice to Namalomba.


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