Demonstrators ready to camp at Ashok Nair House

By Singayazi Kaminjolo

Citizens against Impunity and Corruption, a group which is mobilizing citizens of the country against corruption, says it will camp at the residence of corruption suspect Ashok Nair to force him to withdraw the defamation case against Anti-Corruption Bureau director general Martha Chizuma.

The grouping has been granted permission to hold demonstrations on Wednesday in Lilongwe and one of the organisers Sylvester Ayuba James told journalists during a briefing in Lilongwe, that the planned demonstrations on Friday will start from Lilongwe Community Centre via Old Town to Area 9. He said it is along that route that they will meet the people they are targeting.

Citizens against Impunity and Corruption

However, this is a departure from what Lilongwe District Council directed in the letter authorizing the holding of the demonstrations. James also indicated that the group plans to hold vigils at Ministry of Justice headquarters from next week to force the ministry to grant consent for prosecution of Zuneth Sattar and all associated with his alleged corrupt acts.

He said: “It is plain to see that government is deliberately derailing the case against Satter. We need to do something about it. We will be holding waves of demonstrations at Capital Hill until government through the Director of Public Prosecution gives a consent order. ” Center for Democracy Watch national coordinator Levy Luwemba who also attended the press briefing said they will join the demos on Friday.”Corruption is a vice that has derailed development in the country because money is going into pockets of a few.

As an organisation we advocate for good governance, transparency and accountability. We will join this fight to end Impunity,” he said. Joshua Chisa Mbele and Ken Msonda were other notable figures present at the press briefing.

**Article first appeared in Nation Malawi**


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