President Chakwera accepts African Person of the Year accolade

By Wadza Botomani

President Chakwera has officially accepted the accolade where he was nominated as the African Person of the year by the African Leadership Magazine. A Statement posted on the President official Facebook page says the President accepts the accolade with great honour and humility.

African Leadership Magazine’s Persons of the Year Awards are Africa’s premier vote-based endorsement, reserved annually for leading Africans who are making a notable contribution towards promoting the continent’s progress and positively altering Africa’s perceived negative image. Winners were presented with an award trophy and formally decorated with the instruments of the honour at the 10th African Leadership Magazine Persons of the Year Award Ceremonies, which took place in a hybrid format across multiple locations and virtually.

In his message relayed virtually to the audience gathered in London, President Chakwera reminded the world on how everyone is interrelated to another in so many areas of human undertaking.

Chakwera pointed out how any form of human behaviour in one part of the world will have direct impact on livelihoods in another part no matter how long it takes.

“The award conferred on me, therefore, is a reminder that the world seeks leadership with a global perspective to build global coalitions and create global solutions through global collaboration”

“I have dedicated this award to you fellow Malawians for your persistent unity in shaping the future of the Malawi you desire for yourselves and generations after this one”. Chakwera said.

Those nominated are nominated for their various enormous contributions and efforts towards addressing the intricate political, socio-economic, and health challenges the continent has been faced with during these unprecedented times – championing the narrative of a resilient and resurgent Africa.


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