Specialist call for Investment in environmental enforcement and regulation

By Fostina Mkanadawire , mana

Chief of Party for Modern cooking for healthy forests, Ramzy Kanaan on Thursday stressed the need to invest in activities and policies that will enhance environmental enforcement and regulation with an aim of mitigating environmental plunder.

Kanaan made the remarks during the Annual General Meeting for the Association for Environmental Journalists, currently underway in Lilongwe. He added that rather than introducing new initiatives to protect the environment, it is high time resources were channelled towards regulations to protect the already strained environment.”For example every year we plant new tree seedlings instead of nurturing and caring for trees that were planted the previous year,” he said.

Ramzy Kanaan

Development Director for the British High Commission Fiona Ritchie said environmental journalism is becoming more and more important as environmental issues continue to affect more people.

She said journalists should be on the forefront to report on emerging environmental issues because they are pace setters.


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