Salvation for All Ministries donates items to people around Mtaya Dumping site

By Cathy Maulidi

Salvation for all Ministries Church has donated blankets and items such as soap to people around Mtaya dumping site in Lilongwe. Apart from donating the items, the Church also shared the word of God with the people while pleading with them to leave the site and start a new life in the neighbouring villages.

Bright Kampaundi who is the Spokesperson for Salvation for all ministries said they decided to visit people of Mtaya as the Church understands the challenges people face at the place.He said over 86 households have been reached with blankets and washing soap.

Salvation for all Ministries Church donating Blankets

Joel Kanthunzi Banda, one of the residents of Mtaya dumping site, thanked the Church for remembering them saying the blankets have come at the right time.”We have been facing challenges most especially during this winter season, so the blankets will help us a lot.” said Banda.Asked if they are ready to leave the site, Banda said, doing so would not be easy as their lives depend on the dumping site.”This is our source of livelihood, from those garbage trucks we get meat, chicken and other food for our families to eat, sometimes, we are lucky to get items like iron sheets, charcoal and plastic papers that we sell to buy some of our daily needs” – said Banda.

But Kampaundi, said the Church will not get tired to visit Mtaya and get the people the necessary support for them too leave the area.


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