Msungama defends swimming pool 9 billion construction costs

Minister of sports Ulemu Msungama has defended allocation of 9.4 Billion Kwacha for the construction of a swimming pool.The development comes as the ministry has awarded a Chinese company a contract worth K 9.4 Billion to construct the Olympic standard swimming pool and its ancillary structures at Kamuzu Institute of Sports.

According to a notification of intention to award contract that the ministry has flown, the works will be done by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation. A Statement from the Msungama says the 9.4 Billion Kwacha is not just for the swimming pool but it will also be used to construct other facilities like pitches and stands for spectator

“It’s unfortunate that all comments alluding to the swimming pool project seem to suggest that the 9bln is all spent on the swimming pool. It would be best for one to understand the scope of works for one to make reasonable judgement. What one needs to immediately appreciate is that the project has been designed to international standards as it stands to host international competitions, starting with the all Africa championship. This means that the design specifications are to meet international standards at all costs That on its own means the project will not be cheap”

An artistic impression of the to be constructed Swimming pool

The sports mininster went futher to explain that the complex will have two swimming pools, one 25m and the other 50m designed for training and competitions respectively. The pools are only 5% of the contract sum. The complex will have a gym for the athletes ,which is another 5% of the contract. The complex will have a stadia around the swimming pool that allows spectators, this includes complete changing rooms, conference rooms and a VIP section, this is about 25% of the contract. The complex will also have a social services center which takes about 5% of the contract. Another significant cost is the mechanical and electrical fittings of the complex to support the infrastructure that will be placed, this includes the roofing designs etc which is costing 15% of the contract. Last but not least there will need to be massive earthworks on the location to prepare it for the said infrastructure, not to mention roads and pavements which also are 15% of the cost.

This all in a nutshell gives an idea where the 9billion total cost comes from. “What we are constructing is a world class arena that will not only create a platform for Malawian athletes but will also create jobs and opportunities for a lot of people” Msungama argued


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